6-apb Drug Introduction

Mon, Oct 20, 2014

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6-APB is a very new drug and there is not much known about it yet. This drug became very popular in 2010 and is legal in United Kingdom. It is also legal in some other countries and is usually purchased from the online vendors. However it is known that online vendors also sell other drugs under the similar name. So make sure that you take extreme cautions while you order this drug online. There are some head shops in some of the countries from wheel this drug can be purchased offline.

Users who take this drug  reports  huge desires for music, euphoria and loveyness, there are many negative effects that are also reported such as sweating, jaw clenching  and inability to sleep  after coming down. Some users have also reported vomiting after taking hundred mg tablets


Dosage recommended

The drug is sold in the pill form or powder form. The pills have hundred mg salts but this is not confirmed. According to the reports a hundred mg dose is efficient but this may different from one person to another because human bodies different from one another. One might feel great effect from hundred mg pill and other might not get any effect.

 The pill can be swallowed and powder can be snorted. There e both short term and long term effects that you will get with this pill. The short term effects include vomiting, nausea in case of high dose, jaw clenching, no sleep, excessive sweating. Long term effects have not been studied yet as this drug is totally new.

 This drug is legal in United Kingdom and 6-apb is unscheduled in other states.  This drug is only available online. It is important that you take extreme caution while ordering this drug online.  There are several illegal drugs that are sold under its name. It is always good to purchase such drugs from a reputable online store. On the websites you can go through the information they have on the website. You can even approach them by contacting them via emails. This way you can come up with genuine drugs.


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